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About Us

Founded in 2003, Right of Way Services, Inc. (R.O.W.) has become one of the leaders in providing turnkey right-of-way services. 

At R.O.W. we are dedicated to availability and open communication – allowing us to efficiently implement our resources and provide the results your entity needs. 

We believe that the utilization of our knowledge, experience, equipment and team of professionals will be a strategic asset to your organization. 

With our experience and fleet of over 50+ pieces of cleaning equipment, we have the tools and the skillset needed to fulfill your organization’s goal.

However, we aim to provide more than just a service – we aim to provide these services at a good quality, timeline and price. 

At R.O.W. it is more than just manpower and equipment – we provide dependable expertise and dedication focused on bottom line results. 

From new right-of-way clearing and construction projects to right-of-way reclamation and annual maintenance, R.O.W. can provide the services your organization needs. 

When you need us, Where you need us

Our Services

Right of Way Clearing

For all right of way clearing needs, From basic learning access to full removal including haul off and side trimming. We clear thousands of miles or right of way yearly.

Vegetation Maintenance

We have the crews and equipment to provide the maintenance your right of ways require, regardless of the vegetation management rotation your company uses.

Side Trimming

Utilizing a fleet of side trimmers and dedicated mulchers we can keep your right of ways safe and in compliance.

Tree Trimming

Utilizing Bucket Trucks with chippers and climbers when needed. We provide these tree trimming services to assist our crews when need arises.


From batwing shredders to smaller more maneuverable mowers we can help. Whether it be maintaining hundreds of miles within a system or helping maintain your facilities.


From replacing old gates and fencing within an existing right of way, to installing gates and fencing during a new project, our gate crews can provide the type of gates and fencing your organization requests.


Temporary or permanent we can install and (if needed) remove all types of entrances for your project. Including SCE’s, culverts, matting, concrete, asphalt etc..


Installation and maintenance of all types of access roads. From shorter stretches to miles in length, we can install and maintain roads to the specifications desired.


Whatever is needed for your access we can install. From temporary to permanent –installation and removal if requested.

Erosion Control

Installation and removal of all types of erosion controls, as well as provide full compliance with your SWPP program.


From hydroseeding, no-till drill, discing, broadcasting – we can final grade and reseed your right of way as part of the cleanup and restoration process.